Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dancing with Big Eunice

Alistair Findlay
Likely to be the cultural event of the year is one of the Morning Star’s increasingly valuable and important working class cultural events. On April 5 in Bathgate, Alistair Findlay, ex-footballer, social worker, UNISON member and poet is talking about ‘Poetry and the working class movement’. While the title has all the initial appeal of a university lecture, expect a lively presentation and discussion.

As a long term social worker and poet, Alistair has published a number of volumes dealing with the working lives of social workers and the people they work with.  Dancing with Big Eunice, is his latest volume dealing with the world of poverty that many still inhabit. Anger, passion and satire fill the poems, and will no doubt be part of the presentation in the Acredale Centre in Bathgate.

The event starts at 7.00pm. Entry is free, but a collection will be taken to cover costs. Chaired by Jim Swan of the West Lothian TUC, this is one of the increasingly well-attended Morning Star Education Series - ‘Let our past inspire our future’.


  1. I lent my copy of Dancing With Big Eunice to a children & families social worker and never got it back

  2. Maybe he'll have some spare copies in Bathgate on the 5th, Kirsten?