Wednesday, 26 October 2011

UCS@40 - the reason for silence here!

Just a short blog at the Captain's site to apologise to all followers for the silence here for a few months.
The reason - which might be suspected by many - is that I have been working on the celebrations for the 40th Anniversary of the UCS work-in. I was asked by FairPley to assist them with the communications and have been enjoying the work immensely. 
Working with the UCS Work-In veterans has been a revelation, and their willingness to be interviewed on the topic almost anywhere, at any time has made the media work a joy (and is indicative of one of the reasons why the work-in got such a sympathetic press at the time). Also the input of the 'stars' especially the great Tony Benn, was key to the stories we were successful in getting into the media.
We produced some excellent material to sell at the gig (programme, badge, polo shirt) all featuring the 'UCS Work-In' logo drawn by the legendary Bobby Starrett - the Work-In cartoonist. These will all shortly be available to buy, for people who couldn't make the concert.
The releases and some of the media stories are listed on the other blog - UCS@40 . Despite the main event being over, a few key celebrations remain. One, announced today, is a second anniversary concert - this time run as part of Celtic Connections. Robert Dawson Scott has a nice piece on the launch on STV. Another - planned for March 2012 - is a screening of the Cinema Action films. Watch the UCS@40 blog for details.

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