Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Red Music?

Following the hugely successful Great MayDay Cabaret last Monday - which saw a galaxy of stars including Mark Thomas, socialist magician Ian Saville, and Siobhan Miller & Jeana Leslie have a great night entertaining a sell-out crowd at Glasgow’s Oran Mor - Glasgow’s Friends of MayDay celebrations get underway for the final week.

Tonight at the STUC centre in Woodlands Road, Glasgow University Professor of Music, and well-known Scottish composer, Bill Sweeney gets to grips with the knotty issue of Music and the Working Class movement. While it is clear that some music is written from (or adopted for) a class or socialist perspective, how can that be identified? Especially if - being an extremely abstract art form - it has no words or history? Is it even a valid argument to claim a ‘class’ or ideological adherence for music? 
Bill Sweeney (left) shows earlier
commitment on the picket line during
1980s BBC Orchestra's strike
With Bill’s talent, experience and political background, expect an intriguing examination of the topic! This is a Morning Star, our class, our culture event starting at 7.00pm.
On Friday in the same venue, the Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign joins with the STUC to screen the film - Will the Real Terrorist, Please Stand Up? About the arrest and imprisonment by the USA of the Miami 5, it will be followed by a SCSC social. Again free to get in, but donations will be welcomed, this is at 7.30pm
Vladimir McTavish

And last but by no means least, the next afternoon at 4.00pm, Scottish Left Review stage their comedy and music fundraiser downstairs in the Stand Comedy Club. 101 uses for a Spare Bedroom is hosted by Elaine C Smith, and stars Vladimir McTavish, Susan Morrison, John Gillick and Andre Learmonth. Tickets are £12/£7 from the SLR website.

The musical accompaniment to the SLR gig is by Arthur Johnstone and friends, nicely providing the red musical thread that sews these series of events together.

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