Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's Boyling Point in Glasgow!

Anyone who woke up yesterday to the frost on the cars and on the ground, and who heard the weather forecasters say it was the coldest day this year, will be wondering what this blog is about.

Of course, if you come from Edinburgh, and are a reader of the Evening News, the
Frank Boyle and his work
suspicion may have already dawned that the reference isn't to the temperature at which water changes from a liquid to a gas, but to a well-known cartoonist whose work appears regularly in the pages of that blatt. And you would be right!

Glasgow-based cartoonist of the Edinburgh Evening News (as he styles himself), Frank Boyle is opening a solo exhibition of his work in Glasgow on Friday of this week. This will not only display some of his best known cartoons of the recent past, but in addition, Frank will be displaying some of his water colours and drawings.

Cuts Hurt - Part one of thePublic Works diptych 
 Frank has been drawing politicians, celebrities and the topical issues of the day, for many years. He also has done cartoons for trade unions and other good causes. - he drew the posters for UNISONScotland's Public Works campaign - but his watercolours and other work are a revelation.

It's well worth getting along to South Block in the centre of Glasgow between November 11-29 (closed 16,17 & 21-24) to check out Frank's work. and if you can't summon up the cash for an original, his current book Boyling Point 2, is on sale there for a measly £8.99. (Or you can get it from Frank's website with a pound off at www.boylecartoon.co.uk).

South Block itself is a new creative venue in Glasgow City Centre. Developed by the well known WASPS Studio it provides studios and work spaces on the corner of Osborne Street, and King Street.

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