Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Time for the left to reclaim its place in Scotland

Now that the referendum is over, it is time (some would say past time) for the rebuilding of bridges and the mending of fences. If we on the Scottish left are genuine about our votes in the referendum  being about tackling austerity, defending the NHS and challenging poverty, then we owe it to ourselves to start doing these things - here in Scotland and at a UK level. I've just written about this in today's Morning Star.

It mentions a good start in bringing people of the left back together, being Sunday's Morning Star
Conference What now for the Labour Movement at the STUC in Glasgow from 11.00 till 3.30. 
This has speakers from both the Yes and No side of the referendum. Neil Findlay MSP, Chris Steohens of the SNP TU Group, Cllr Gordon Munro, UNISON Convener- Lilian Macer. There will be workshops on some of the key issues - Trident and NATO; Trade Unions, the People's Assembly and the community; and the EU, and the closing debate features People's Assembly Vice Chair, Bill Greenshields; Unite Senior Organiser, Rozanne Foyer; STUC Deputy Gen Sec, Dave Moxham and Scottish Left Review Board member, Isobel Lindsay.

My Star article lists some other events that could also usefully form part of the journey back.

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