Friday, 22 April 2016

Bellowhead - a pome

And now for something completely different.. a short poem what i wrote after seeing Bellowhead's Farewell Tour at the O2 ABC.

In Memoriam

So farewell then...
There was a lot of you
And it must have been difficult
Getting all 11 of you together for a tour.
Like herding cats.
But your music was unique.
Not so much folk-rock,
As funk-folk,
You even introduced one set as, disco-seashanties.
It was a very English night,
But I think you got through to a Glasgow audience.
I didn't hear anyone say "Oh shite, there's eleven of them!"
So you beat Mike and Bernie Winters, and...
I've never seen a Glasgow crowd doing Morris dancing complete with handkerchiefs, before.
While you'll have musical careers as individuals
I can't help feeling - we won't see the likes of your music again.

C J Trab (aged 171/2)

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