Friday, 2 September 2016

People on the Move - Edinburgh Festivals 3

My third compilation of reviews from the Edinburgh Festivals has been published in yesterday's Morning Star. Covering a range of shows with a general theme of migration, it is a masterpiece of editing! Unfortunately a couple of mistakes have crept in, which I'll take the opportunity to correct here.

Sheila Stewart and Aidan Moffat (pic Neale Smith)
In my review of Where You Are Meant To Be, Aidan Moffat and Paul Fegan's film (****) the Star article says that Sheila Stewart's mother died before the film was released - unfortunately it was Sheila herself who succumbed.

In the review of the Book Festival discussion of the Palestinian struggle (*****), two phrases I used to describe the books of the two authors have been 'Capped up' as though they were the books' titles. For accuracy's sake the two books discussed were Ben Ehrenreich's The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine, and Yasir Suleiman's Being Palestinian

The other shows reviewed here are Flit! (*****), Martin Green's multi-musician piece on migration themes; Leftover (***) a piece on refugees by Acting Coach Scotland; Before the Hudson and the Liffey (****) a piece on James Connolly's life in Edinburgh and Leith; and Cafe Palestine, (****) excerpts from a piece by young people from the Palestinian refugee camp at Aida, near Bethlehem.

One of the Morning Star's greatest contributions to the life of Britain is it's cultural coverage (says he as a regular contributor!). I would advise buying it regularly, for that alone - although there are many other good reasons!!

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