Monday, 9 July 2012

Mandela's Birthday & a new Bookshop

Once again I seem to be taking to the blog to apologise for the tardiness with which I post here. Do I have a reason? Not really - an excuse, yes - a valid reason, no. 

The excuse is that I have been involved in a bit of a nostalgiafest over the past month. Returning to an old school reunion in Surrey and doing a considerable amount of research to track down past friends and comrades. (I'm worse at keeping in touch than I am at posting on here!). Comrades? Yes indeed - even the soft underbelly of British capitalism produces lefties occasionally! Maybe I'll write more about this fascinating experience shortly, but to get on...

Another anniversary that needs to be marked - and far more worthily than my old school's - is that of Nelson Mandela. Yes, Madiba will be 94 next week, and to mark the significant occasion ACTSA are sending another book container to South Africa from Glasgow. The container is 9 tonnes and will take over 1,000 boxes of books destined for school libraries in South Africa - it costs £3,500 to send, a not inconsiderable amount to raise (reasonable though it is). The books are at Hillhead Library in Glasgow, and the container will be packed there before being sent off from George Square.

ACTSA are looking for volunteers to help pack the container on the 18 July, and volunteers to donate to the cost. John Nelson or 01698 426781, is the man to contact re volunteering. Donations to the shipping costs can be sent to ACTSA Scotland, 52, St. Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4AA.

This is the first of an annual Mandela Day celebration, in Scotland and Archbishop Desmond Tutu has sent a short video message in support, a link to which can be found in a Scottish Government news release at  

Calton Books

Another interesting development (particularly for those of us who like the feel of the printed word as well as its digital counterpart) is the establishment of a new lefty bookshop in Glasgow.

Our old friends at Socialist Productions are behind the development of Calton Books. As the name suggests the bookshop is at 159 London Road at the Barras (beside the old style sweetie shop). As you might expect, they also sell Socialist Productions material as well as a range (wide and getting wider) of new and 'pre-loved' (love the marketing jargon, Robert!) books. They have a twitter page here to keep up-to-date with the new development. Currently open at the weekends (Fri, and Sat 10.30-4.30; Sun 11.30-4.30. Tel: 07590 262987/07510 292573 email:

A development well worth supporting!

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