Sunday, 15 July 2012

Woody Guthrie sings the concerns of people in the 30’s and in the 10’s

A number of hugely interesting developments are planned for this years Edinburgh Fringe. Following on the increased interest in political music at this years Celtic Connections, a similar development seems to be hitting Edinburgh’s festivals - in particular the Fringe.
Woody Guthrie - his guitar killed fascists!
At the city’s Assembly Rooms, new broom, Tommy Shepherd has programmed a sweep of new projects, and specifically two nights of concerts celebrating the centenary of dust-bowl folk singer and political activist, Woody Guthrie.
The links are more than coincidental, as the organisers of the concerts, FairPley, are the same people who organised the UCS 40th Anniversary Concerts in Glasgow’s Mitchell Theatre, and during Celtic Connections at the Old Fruitmarket, and certain similarity in the artists will also be seen!
The Songs of Struggle concerts star some of Scotland’s finest singers, including Dave Anderson, Arthur Johnstone, Alastair McDonald and Sheena Wellington, plus guests. They will be singing songs by Guthrie, who provided the voice for the many dispossessed during the depression created by the financial crisis in 1930’s United States. It is no wonder that there is an increasing interest in Guthrie, as we struggle in the depths of another crisis of financial capitalism.
Guthrie, of course, was as well-known for inspiring other singers and artists - Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs (when is he to be due his re-discovery?) and of course Bob Dylan - as singing songs himself, and the stars of this concert will also sing material inspired by Woody.
The concerts are at 9.00pm on 11 and 12 August in the Assembly Rooms’ Ballroom. Tickets are £14.50/£12.50 from or 0844 693 3008. Why not get your union branch to block book tickets and get a discount? Contact Jim or Stephen at FairPley - 0141 418 0562
An increasingly strengthening link between left politics and artistic performance is being seen across Scotland, and it is certainly one to which the Captain will be returning in the near future. In particular the return to Scotland of veteran socialist and former UCS minister, Tony Benn, with his biographical film. Keep an eye on the Captain’s grumps!

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