Thursday, 7 August 2014

MacBraveheart – an alternative vision of our land (and a Very Important Play)

-->In addition to the piece below I've now written a review for the Morning Star. You can find it under their headline - Confronting Scottish Demons - mine would have been Burying the Hatchback! - Anyway it's here.

In all the furore of political debate and discussion in the theatre world over the independence referendum, and the nature of Scottishness, one play on Edinburgh’s Fringe takes a very different look at our future.
Philip Differ
Writer and director Philip Differ’s, short play, MacBraveheart (a FairPley production at the Assembly Rooms, 31July - 24 August), is a wry look at what we might become in the future. It is a post-indy dystopia, if you will – and a very funny – take on what indy-Scotland could become
Unlike FairPley’s other major production - David Hayman's pro-Indy, The Pitiless Storm - also on at the Assembly Rooms, this play is a black comedy, set in a past post-Indy Scotland of bleakness and infighting. William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Rabbie Burns wrestle with the issues of what happens next? Be careful what you wish for, because it's the early bird that takes the biscuit! It’s a very important play. It is also very funny!
Differ himself says,
"I have long wondered who we would fight with, if all other targets of our wrath were removed! So I tried to take iconic Scottish figures and set them in an extreme post-Indy landscape to answer that question!"
MacBraveheart stars Gerry McLaughlin, James McAnerney, and Scarlet Mack and is a sharp and witty unusual slant on the independence debate. It plays throughout the Fringe (until the 24 Aug - not the 11) at 13.15 in Studio 1 of the Assembly Rooms. Tickets £10 from or tel:0844 693 3008.
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